Join Amma For 12 days of Chanting, Prayer and Meditation

For Universal Peace, Prosperity And Spiritual Awakeningfor

Ati Rudram is one of the most powerful vedic ceremonies to dispel the darkness of Kali Yuga and Kala Sarpa Doshas.

NOTE 1: The yajman dates for early 2021 will be announced shortly.

NOTE 2: More sponsorship levels will be made available soon.

Many people are continuously being impacted in one way or another by the hardships due to the current state of the world and the unfoldment of karma.  As Mother Nature continues to suffer due to the darkness of human greed, selfishness and arrogance countless living beings are constantly affected.  From the escalation of health problems, family & relationship troubles, mental unrest, emotional imbalance and stress on a personal level, environmental disasters on a global level, to the turmoil in some nations, the current state of imbalance impacts us all.

To help remedy this situation, out of Her immense love and compassion for all living beings, Amma now offers us the rare blessing of participating and contributing to the historic event known as Ati Rudram to help heal and renew the earth.