Tiger's Eye Mala (54 Beads on Gold Links)

Tiger’s eye grants strong determination and willpower, strengthening one’s personal initiative and drive to succeed in every aspect of life. Self-confidence is enhanced by tiger's eye, which strengthens and expands the manipura chakra. It is very important to wear a sphatika mala when attending or performing puja, homa or japa, as the beads help to retain the sacred energy from any spiritual practice. Wearing a mala of 54 beads is very beneficial, as many of the important energy centers in the body and brain will be stimulated. Sphatika beads prevent one's energy from draining into the Earth, and encourage one's energy to flow upwards towards the sahasrara chakra. Sphatika beads stimulated one's intelligence and purifies the mind. One's speech will become sweet and kind from wearing a sphatika mala. For more information on the benefits, use, and proper care of sphatika malas, please see the booklet "The Spiritual Significance of Malas and Murtis."

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