The most auspicious occasion of the year

    Nine Nights / Ten Days of ardent worship and reverence offered to the Divine Mother

    • Puja and Homam Sponsorships

    • Focused Navaratri Offerings

    There is no time of year more auspicious or more powerful than the Saran Navaratri Grand Celebrations--Nine Nights of ardent worship and deep reverence offered to the Divine Mother, the Supreme Consciousness Herself, Lalita Parameshwari Devi. The Divine Mother showers Her wish-fulfilling Grace and Cosmic Energy liberally on those who approach Her with devotion during Navaratri, blessing everyone with knowledge and wealth of all kinds--including the attainment of Moksha, spiritual libration.

    The sacred ceremonies of the 2021 Navaratri festival will be conducted in a grand manner at Amma's Penusila Ashram, the earthly manifestation of the Divine Mother's celestial abode, Manidweepa.  During this nine-night/ten-day festival steeped in devotional ceremony, Mother will be honored in all nine of Her splendorous forms in complete conjunction with the sixty-four artistic talents and the sixty-four types of worship--offerings that include chanting of ancient Vedic Scriptures, performing sacred fire ceremonies, singing  Mother’s hymns, and conducting other traditional acts of veneration.  Any devotee that worships the Divine Mother during this Navaratri festival time will be blessed with witnessing everything beyond the realm of this physical body and will soar to greater spiritual heights. Negative planetary influences dissolve, desires are fulfilled at once, and the devotees are blessed with prosperity, good health, divine protection, and contented, peaceful lives.