A Gau (cow) is considered as one of the sacred animals in Hinduism. It is said that, all the deities mentioned in the sacred texts reside in the different body parts of the gaus, hence worshiping a gau is equal to worshiping all the Gods.

A gau is said to have descended from the Lord’s abode of Vaikuntha (Maha Vishnu). Giving away a gau as dhanam is the biggest of puniya (good deed).

Gau Dhanam or Donation of a Gau is generally seen as three parts:

  • Giving away the gau (Dhanam)
  • A cloth to cover the gau (Vastram)
  • Monetary donation to buy fodder for the gau

Kings and landlords those days gave away gaus as dhanam to ward off their negative effects and also gain blessing all across.

Who should do this? Any individual who is looking for peace, health and  prosperity.

When to do this? Auspicious Ceremonies, Birthdays and Anniversaries not limiting itself to any occasion.

Benefits of doing this: Gau Dhanam can relieve oneself from:

  • All kinds of planetary afflictions in birth chart
  • Can absolve sins of one’s present and past lives
  • Peace and blessings of the forefathers
  • All kinds of happiness, prosperity and success are granted (Sakala Aishvarya Prapti)
  • All kinds of desirable goals are achieved on time without obstacles (Sakala Karyasiddhi)
  • Children acquire knowledge and brilliance in academics (Vidyaprapthi)
  • Timely and happy marriage, birth of a healthy child, freedom from diseases and afflictions
  • Help mitigate the malefic effects of Sade-Sati (7 ½ year period of Saturn), Ashtama Sani (Saturn in the 8th house) and Ardhashtama Sani (Saturn in the 4th house)
  • Rahu / Ketu afflictions in birth
  • It can ward away enemies and you can be blessed with divine grace of Goddess Lakshmi