Gold-Plated Lakshmi

Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi is the form of Divine Mother who showers her children with all forms of wealth. A gold or gold-plated murti of Sri Maha Lakshmi is no different from Lakshmi Devi herself, and it is a great opportunity to have her presence in one’s home in such a potent form. Amma has said that seeing or worshipping a gold or gold-plated murti of Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi destroys all karma, increases devotion, and destroys all forms of spiritual and material poverty. One’s noble, spiritual wishes will be granted through worship of “Suvarna Lakshmi,” or “Lakshmi of Golden Form.” For more information on the Suvarna Lakshmi murti, please see the booklet "The Spiritual Significance of Malas and Murtis." Small Lakshmi comes enclosed in a display case. Approximate size is 2" high by 1.5" wide. Large Lakshmi approximate size is 2.75" high by 1.5" wide.

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