Banana Fiber wicks

Natural Banana stem fiber wicks are skillfully prepared from Banana trees.  It is believed that the oil, wick and the direction in which a lamp is lit can initiate a huge difference in one’s life. The diya with a different wick or oil can change one’s energy field with ease and bring about harmonious and prosperous changes. A wick made of banana stem fibre helps seek forgiveness for any mistakes you may have made unknowingly and cure your soul of ancestral curses. A cotton wick, which is the common and easiest available wick, helps attract good fortune.Lighting a  lamp with these Banana wicks  removes bad karma and clear obstacles in one’s path. The home where these are lighted becomes disease free. Soak in oil and use like any ordinary cotton wick.

Lighting lamps and facing them in the North direction brings wealth and prosperity. One is blessed with 8 kinds of wealth or Ashtaishwaryas of Goddess Lakshmi who empowers her devotees, giving them luxuries in the form of wealth.

The light symbolizes knowledge, positivity and tranquility, and lighting lamps  or earthen lamps on a daily basis is considered highly auspicious.  It is said that regular lighting of lamps removes darkness, ignorance and evil.

Since the light of a ghee lamp is believed to bring in prosperity, knowledge and wisdom, it is an ancient customary Hindu tradition to start all the auspicious  events  by lighting the lamp.  By doing so it is believed that we invite the divine to come and bless us.
1 wick per bag

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