Navaratri 2021: Daily Sevas, Abhishekams and Homams (Any Five [5] Days)

Om Sarva Rupa Mayam Devi
Sarva Sakti Mayam Jagat
Ato Ham Visva Rupam
Twam Namami Sri Jagadambikam

Twam Namami Sri Jagadambikam

"Those who worship Divine Mother with great devotion during Navaratri will definitely obtain her complete grace. Mother is ageless, and she has been receiving worship during countless Navaratris, for many ages, through her myriad names and forms. As she is the supreme energy, those who worship that great divine energy throughout Navaratri will become filled with an abundance of radiant energy. They will attain every kind of wealth, including the wealth of peace, wisdom and salvation."  ~  Amma

This sponsorship for any five (5) days for ALL the sevas, abhishekams and homams shown below that will be performed daily during this auspicious ten days.

  • Homams will include Rudra homam, Navagraha Shanti homam, Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Molla Mantra homam, Ayusha homam, Sri Durga homam, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Moola Mantra homam, Sri Samputita Sri Sukta homam & Maha Gayatri Mantra homam.
  • Vahana Sevas and Pushpa Alankaram Sevas

Benefits of this sponsorship are untold blessings of peace, prosperity, health and happiness, relief from all sorrows and sufferings, removal of negative effects of the nine planets, removal of negativity and difficulties, removal of ego and selfishness, divine grace & blessings and a path to liberation (moksha).

  • This sponsorship is $4801 for any five (5) days (approx. $960/day)
  • Select the five sponsorship dates below
  • Sponsorship must be received by 24 hours before date of sponsorship

Special Instructions for Sponsorship Orders

Before each homam or puja is performed in Amma's Lalita Temple, a "sankalpa" is recited in Sanskrit, a divinely powerful language. Sankalpa is a special process involving Vedic incantations that energetically connect you and your family directly to any ritual. Amma assures us that when we are included in a sankalpa, we become spiritually connected to the power of the divine ceremony and receive its full benefits

In the section before below, please enter the name of the primary person for whom the festival is being sponsored. The primary sponsor’s name will be recited during the sankalpa. Please list up to three additional names and nakshatras only. It is not necessary to list all family members' names, as they will automatically receive blessings through the primary sponsor. If you know the primary sponsor's nakshatra (Vedic birthstar), you may enter it below. If you don't know the gotra or nakshatra, leave the field blank or ‘unknown’. DO NOT add extra information in any fields as it will not be processed for this sponsorship.       

ONLY If the prasadam shipping address is different from the billing address, please complete the field below. Please note that additional shipping charges may apply for alternate shipping addresses and that it may take several weeks to receive your prasadam.

First Name and Last Name only. Please DO NOT add extra names.
According to Vedic Astrology, Nakshatra refers to the stars/constellations. The 360⁰ zodiac system is divided into 12 zodiac signs. There is a total of 27 Nakshatras in astrology, and hence the value of each star is 13⁰ 20’. In ancient times, Nakshatras are considered as a means of worshipping the divine. These 27 constellations are based on the movement of the Moon, which travels approximately 27.3 days around its orbit. Hence, the birth star of an individual is calculated based on the position of the Moon in any of these stars.
First name Last name - Nakshatra format. Do NOT add middle names, aliases etc.

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