Sri Ganesha Chaturthi Navaratri: Special Ganesha and Saraswati Homa with Rare White Aakda (Aak) Flowers - Sept. 19, 2021

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!

Special Sri Ganesha Chaturthi Navaratri Festival Nakshatra Shanti Homa with Rare White Aadka (Aak) Flowers.

When we worship Lord Ganesha His blessings pour into our life, removing obstacles, protecting us and gracing us in so many ways.

On this final day of the Ganesha Navaratri Festival, a very powerful homa (sacred fire ceremony) will be performed at Amma’s Ashram to Sri Ganesha and Saraswati Devi with the rare white aakda flowers during the  Ganesh Chaturthi Navaratri festival.

Sri Ganesha will protect you from any bad luck and will remove all obstructions from your path, such that you will enjoy renewed hope, abundant energy, and an inspired enthusiasm for life.  Saraswati Devi can endow you with the potential and confidence to achieve incredible success in all facets of education, knowledge, music and learning. Experience renewed vigor and hone your skill sets to come out with flying colors in all that you undertake. Connect with Goddess Saraswati to overcome obstacles, achieve milestones, and attain success in all that you wish.


Special Instructions for Sponsorship Orders

Before each homa or puja is performed in Amma's Lalita Temple, a "sankalpa" is recited in Sanskrit, a divinely powerful language. During the sankalpa, the names of all the sponsors are recited. Amma assures us that when we are included in a sankalpa, we become spiritually connected to the power of the divine ceremony and receive its full benefits immediately, just as if we were physically present. 

In the section before below, please enter the name of the primary person for whom the festival is being sponsored. This name will be recited during the sankalpa.  If you know the primary sponsor's nakshatra (Vedic birthstar), you may enter it below. If you don't know the gotra or nakshatra, it's fine to leave this blank.

NOTE 1: Sankalpa will be recited for up to 4 individuals sponsored and Saha Kutumbasya.

NOTE 2: The Sri Ganesh/Saraswati Devi Homa will take place at Amma's Penusila ashram in India on Sun. Sept. 19 (IST).

Sponsorship ends at 7 pm on Sat. Sept. 18 (EDT)

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