Labradorite Mala (108 Beads on Knotted Thread)

Labradorite is a beautiful and mysterious crystal that emanates a transformative vibration of wisdom, intuition and illumination. In the presence of labradorite, confusion and doubts are lifted away, self-esteem is strengthened, and you begin to understand clearly the unique spiritual gifts that you carry for the betterment of the world. Whether held in the hand or worn next to the skin, labradorite cleanses, heals and gently opens the third eye chakra. Like the flashes of color that seem to illuminate labradorite from within, this sacred gemstone will illuminate your true spiritual path.

Japa malas, or "prayer beads," consist of 108 beads held together by a sacred thread, along with a "guru" bead which is attached to the tassel. The beads represent your individual mantras or prayers, the thread represents your unbroken state of concentration, and the guru bead reminds you of the divine grace that gently removes all your blockages and limitations as you strive to move forward on the spiritual path.

Although this mala has 108 beads and can be used for mantra japa, you may prefer to wear it around the neck as a sacred necklace. The gemstone beads will attract cosmic energy and transmit that energy into your body and aura. The 108 beads in the mala will purify and energize the 108 main energy centers in the subtle body, filling them with divine nectar and helping you to achieve a refined and elevated state.

Wearing a mala during any sacred activity, like a puja, homa or meditation, will allow you to attract and retain the divine vibrations of that activity to a very high degree. Whether used for japa or worn as a sacred necklace, this labradorite mala will help you to move forward on the spiritual path with understanding, and will help you to connect with your own inner wisdom and intuition.

The more mantras and prayers you recite with this lovely labradorite mala, the more divine energy you will attract into your life for truth, wisdom and excellent spiritual growth.

For more information on the use and care of japa malas, please see The Spiritual Significance of Malas and Murtis.

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