Sri Karunamayi: A Biography (Telugu) Bhagavathi Sri Sri Sri Vijayeshwari Devi – Sankshipta Charitra – Sandesamulu

Sri Karunamayi’s biography provides rare glimpses into several key times in her life, including her childhood and her time in the sacred Penusila Forest. This is the Telugu version. Spiritual traditions from around the world emphasize the importance of reading the life stories of great saints and incarnations. Simply to read such holy life stories is like taking a dip in the all-purifying river Ganga.

Reading about the sacred, tender and touching events of Amma's life carries us to a different realm--an enchanting realm of purity, noble selflessness, and absolute divinity. From the Back Cover: "Sri Karunamayi is a modern Indian miracle, a human who lives divinely, a woman whose words and actions embody the blessing power of the Mother of the Universe. This enlightening book introduces one of hte great saints of our time, and transports us into the living presence of limitless spirit." --Linda Johnsen, Author, "Daughters of the Goddess: The Women Saints of India" From this Book: "On one Sankranti, varieties of food had been made to offer to God.

Meanwhile, Sri Vijayeswari Devi [Sri Karunamayi] realized that a few poor harijans who had come had eaten no food for the past two days. Therefore, she carried the food which was in a big vessel, ready for worship, and distributed it among those people. Then she addressed her grandmother and said, 'Grandma, today you have done a very good thing. This is how the food so nicely prepared by you has been accepted by the Lord.'"

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