Green Jade Sri Chakra

Whether worshipped or simply kept in your home, a green jade Sri Chakra will create a transformative atmosphere of peace, love and abundance. In such an atmosphere, the heart and mind naturally attain a state of balance, the intellect becomes more powerful and refined, and you begin to open to a divine experience of true abundance and prosperity. Green jade is a beautiful and sacred gemstone that cleanses, heals, and gently opens the heart chakra to unconditional love, divine peace, and heartfelt joy. Green jade also attracts the beneficial energy of Mercury for excellent discrimination and a positive attitude. The Sri Chakra represents the complete form of Divine Mother, known as "Sri Lalitambika" or "Sri Rajarajeswari." But the Sri Chakra does not just represent Divine Mother; it itself is the condensed form of Mother's own supreme divine consciousness. It is a great blessing beyond comprehension to be able to keep or worship this sacred emblem of Divine Mother herself. The Sri Chakra is composed of sacred and mystical geometrical shapes. The bindu, the rounded point at the top, attracts cosmic energy, drawing it into the Sri Chakra. The uniquely angled triangles then refract and radiate that energy outwards. The potent energies that radiate from a Sri Chakra are like laser beams that cut through every bondage, every impurity, every limitation that holds us back from achieving our divine destiny. The pattern of the Sri Chakra exists within your subtle body, and this means that any Sri Chakra will resonate with your own energy body. Thus, simply to sit in front of a Sri Chakra will purify and enliven all the thousand major and minor chakras in the body. Due to this resonance, when we worship a Sri Chakra, we draw down cosmic energy into ourselves for healing, purification, and expansion of divine consciousness. Through the sacred science of puja, the same offerings that we pour over the bindu are poured over our own heads in subtle form. This cosmic nectar is absorbed through the crown chakra and then spreads throughout the subtle body, bringing peace, healing and spiritual fulfillment. Divine Mother gives powerful blessings in any form, but in this form, her blessings take on the special vibration of green jade. In this form, Divine Mother will help you to gently release fear, depression, and poverty of every kind. She will fill your heart with love, your mind with peace, and your life with abundance and prosperity of every kind. The more prayers, love and worship you offer to this gorgeous green jade Sri Chakra, the more you will experience Divine Mother's pure consciousness shining from within the secret chambers of your own heart. Please Note: Since all murtis are handcrafted in India, each item is unique and may vary slightly from the picture shown. Dimensions (approximate): Small: 1.5"-1.66" high by 1.33" wide Medium Small: 1.33"-2" high by 1.5"-1.66" wide Medium: 1.66"-2.25" high by 1.5"-1.75" wide Medium Large: 2"-2.25" high by 1.75"-2" wide Large: 2.66" high by 2.25"-2.33" wide Extra Large: 2.75"-3" high by 2.75"-3" wide Extra Extra Large: 3.75" high by 3" wide

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