Durge Maharani

Durge Maharani is a collection of Amma's latest songs for her 2008 Tour. They represent the sweetness of the Divine Mother, and are sung by Sunitha, with additional volals by Shashidhar Kote and Music by T. Srinivas. Track Titles 1. Sri Mata Sharanam 2. Sri Mata Sri 3. Sri Sharade 4. Kshirabdhi Nilaye 5. Aravinda 6. Karunamayi Ambe 7. Dayasagari 8. Vidyadayini Sri Mata Saranam Mama is Amma's main new divine song for 2008. "Sri Mata" is the first name of the Divine Mother, in the 1000 Names of the Divine Mother (Lalita Sahasranama) chant. Amma has explained that if one chants "Sri Mata," with pure devotion, that is enough to wipe away the entire load of karma an individual may have acquired through innumerable births. Track List 1. Sri Mata Saranam Dhun