Shanti Om

'Shanti Om' is a simple chant for peace composed by Amma instantly at the request of the attendees of the Parliament of World Religions (Dec.2009)  and set to a melodious tune by Amma. The song  made of just two words - shanti (meaning 'peace') and 'OM' (the cosmic vibration) - helps one experience peaceful vibrations in a serene atmosphere. This is followed by seven short group bhajans set to beautiful tunes, beats and rhythms. Listening to 'Brahmam Para Brahmam' with its profound meaning, 'Sree Mata Jaya Ambe', 'Jaya Janani Jaga Janani', Varadayani Sriman Narayani', 'Vag Devi Priya Devi', 'Devi Dayamayi Sri Mata' all glorifying Universal Mother in beautiful tunes and fast-paced upbeat rhythms, and the popular 'Srinivasa Govinda' bhajan, lands one in a blissful mood.

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