Balaji (Copper ) – Bracelet

Lord Balaji Lord Balaji is believed to stand for the God of Justice. He is considered as the ‘Kaliyug Avatar’ of Lord Vishnu of the Hindu trinity Gods.The Namam or the forehead mark represents his blindfold while his two wives who are resting on either side of his chest are thought to be the scales of justice. Balaji having these two goddesses at his heart generate and bestow wealth to all who seek his blessings 

Wearing a copper Balaji bracelet has many spiritual benefits. The healing energies of copper bracelet balance the Root Chakra that results in a healthier life. It opens and activates the Root Chakra and oxygenates the blood. When you are on the receiving end of negative outcomes in your life due to the Sun mahadasha, wearing a copper bracelet will help you negate these effects. This will  boost your confidence as well as help you divert the positivity towards your life.

​On a physical and health level, it is also helpful in relieving stress as well as hypertension and high blood pressure. It helps purify the blood and provides strength to the body. The circulation of fluids improves in the body if you constantly wear the metal.​ ​Copper balaji Bracelet will benefit your overall health and result in a significant change in your life. Wearing copper bracelet around your wrist may result in making a dark stain around and it is completely normal as it means that the metal is being absorbed by the skin. 



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