Camphor - Tablet Form

Spiritual Purpose of Camphor

According to the Hindu traditions, puja or prayer is a form of worship which is performed to purify the mind, to express devotion, and to connect with the sacred energies of the gods and goddesses themselves.  Camphor is considered highly purifying and very sacred. Burning camphor is a symbolic gesture of an offering before the deity either in a home or in a temple. This holds great spiritual symbolism, camphor when lit, burns itself out completely without leaving a trace of itself. 

Camphor represents our material nature. When lit by the fire of wisdom which illuminates the truth, our lower natures are “burned” away, leaving no trace of the ego. (The ego creates in us a sense of separation from Spirit.) Also, we receive the gift of a clean pleasant smell even while the camphor sacrifices itself. In our spiritual progress, we should willingly sacrifice, to spread the perfume of love to all. 

One thinks that during his lifetime, his worldly attachments are like "Vasana" of a camphor ball and tether him to this world of Maya. So he prays to God that he leaves all his Vasana, like the burning camphor in this world and similar to the small jyothi of Camphor, joins with the Akanda Jyothi of the Lord. The ultimate goal of the Jivathma, is to join the eternal bliss of the Paramathma. Camphor flame inspires the devotee to spread warmth and fragrance through one's life, burning away energetically to eventually allow the focus solely on the almighty without any trace of existence or ego.

Medicinal Purpose of Camphor

Camphor which is used for spiritual purposes can also be used for medicinal purposes as it contains a waxy substance which produces the oils that help heal. Easy home remedy is to powder the camphor and melt it in hot organic brahmi ghee, let it cool down and apply on affected areas or where needed.

Some of the health benefits are

  • Camphor can help in getting rid of rashes and redness and itching. 

  • Camphor can be used to treat irritated symptoms of eczema in both kids and adults. This also helps in relieving the pain and inflammation, caused by eczema. 

  • Camphor helps in treating cold and cough and relieves throat congestion. The paste can be applied on the chest and back to relieve you from such symptoms.

  • Rubbing camphor paste to the bottom of the feet helps with good sleep

This product doesn't have an expiration. It melts when kept in open and out of its bag. Needs to be tightly sealed at all times.