Cowrie Shells - Yellow

In Hindu dharma, yellow Cowrie Shells represent Goddess Mahalakshmi and have a great significance in the worship of Sri Mahalakshmi Devi and Lord Vishnu. They are said to bestow great wealth, happiness, unity and prosperity when placed at home. Astrologically, yellow cowrie is also used to balance the planetary effect of Jupiter and the malefic effects of Ketu and Rahu. 

Cowries emerged from the ocean during Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean for nectar of immortality) along with other rare, holy and divine beings. Cowries have been associated with Goddess Lakshmi and denote the power of destiny, fertility, birth and wealth. 11 yellow cowries may be placed in the north east corner of your altar, cash register, workplace, entrance of your living room during Sri Mahalakshmi puja. They not only provide the balance but also help in diminishing the problems and promote the flow of wealth in life. They should be worshipped with great devotion and respect only then you will be able to attract wealth and prosperity. If going through hard times, you can put one of the cowries in your pocket as well to prevent you from all negativity.

The auspicious time to offer prayers to the yellow cowrie shells is on all three days Dhanteras, Dhana Chaturdasi and Deepavali and Akshaya Tritiya, they attain every kind of wealth including the wealth of peace, wisdom and happiness

Each bag contains 11 pieces.