Quartz Crystal Sri Chakra – Small to Medium (Blessed and energised)

The Sri Yantra channels and transmits the highest spiritual energy of Divine Mother's own supreme consciousness. The Sri Yantra represents the complete form of Divine Mother, known as "Sri Lalitambika" or "Sri Rajarajeswari." But the Sri Yantra does not just represent Divine Mother; it itself is the condensed form of Mother's own supreme divine consciousness. It is a great blessing beyond comprehension to be able to keep or worship this sacred emblem of Divine Mother herself.

The Sri Yantra is composed of sacred and mystical geometrical shapes. The bindu, the small dot in the very center, attracts cosmic energy, drawing it into the Sri Yantra. The uniquely angled triangles then refract and radiate that energy outwards. The potent energies that radiate from a Sri Yantra are like laser beams that cut through every bondage, every impurity, every limitation that holds us back from achieving our divine destiny. The pattern of the Sri Yantra exists within your subtle body, and this means that any Sri Yantra will resonate with your own energy body.

Thus, simply to sit in front of a Sri Yantra will purify and enliven all the thousand major and minor chakras in the body. Due to the supreme cosmic energy embedded in this energized Sri Yantra, keeping it in your home will create a sacred atmosphere full of Divine Mother's energy vibrations.

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