Energized Gold Life-Size Guru Padukas – Blessed Prasadam

Touching a Guru’s feet is an ancient Vedic practice. It is a way to show respect and revere the GURU. When we speak of the Guru, mention of ‘the feet’ is never far away. We surrender to the feet, we sit at the feet, we give offerings to the feet, we touch the feet, and if we are lucky enough to be graced by them, we ultimately merge with the feet. The feet exist physically, of course, and all devotees consider it an honour and a privilege to touch them, but they are also a potent symbol of the transcendent state of the true enlightened Guru. The Guru’s padukas eliminate the ahamkara and destroy the fetters to liberation.

"I"ness and pride is the obstacle to self realization, so contemplation is to hold fast to the Guru’s sacred feet. The Guru padukas are the source of spiritual shakti and path. The Karmic merits do not shake or affect the Guru, because she is a living form of ShivaShakti. The Guru is not only the means, but they are the destination itself. Guru is ShivaShakti , and ShivaShakti is the Guru.


‘Pa’ means "to protect" – Guru's grace upon us is our ultimate protection
‘Du’ means "burns away"– worshipping the Padukas regularly eradicated the negative energies accumulated 
‘Kaa’ means "to shine" – Any individual shines in one’s own true glory and becomes pure when all the negativities accumulated are eliminated

A Guru/incarnation is the only supreme conduit of the universe’s energy for all earthly beings transmitting energies of the universe through self, These glowing energies flow through the Guru's Sahasra(crown) chakra and are released through his/her Holy feet. The Divine Padukas of a Guru represent peace, wealth of health, happiness,wisdom, knowledge and energy. The sacred feet of the Guru contain all divinities. Making all sacred pilgrimages, performing all holy acts are not equal to one worship of the Guru’s lotus feet. During the worship to our beloved Amma’s lotus feet these Padukas become completely energized from the cosmic radiance of Amma. The sandals of the Guru are always kept in a safe, clean and sacred place in the home. They are worshipped as the Guru themselves as all the energy of the Guru is contained within them

Note: Padukas are handcrafted in India and made in Silver and plated in pure gold and set on rosewood

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