Green Agate is an amazing crystal for luck. Green Agate attracts good fortune and helps you manifest your destiny! Green Agate enables you to bring forth prosperity in everything you do. It stands out for its brightness and a very valuable energy gem.The Green Agate enhances the balance between emotions and the physical body, this is a very stable crystal. They stimulate subtle energies and provide physical, emotional and intellectual balance. It is related to the heart chakra and is excellent for fortifying blood circulation. As it has a great energy value it is indicated for disorders of the heart, gallbladder, and liver. Continuously chanting and meditating with this japamala prevents arterial obstruction, brings down  depression and develops self-esteem.  Its healing properties are very extensive and this stone is very good for maintaining a long and healthy life.


Whether held in the hand or worn next to the skin, Green Agate japamala cleanses, heals and gently opens the heart chakra to unconditional love, divine peace, and heartfelt joy. Japa malas, or "prayer beads," consist of 54 or 108 beads held together by a sacred thread. The beads represent your individual mantras or prayers, the thread represents your unbroken state of concentration, and the guru bead reminds you of the divine grace that gently removes all your blockages and limitations as you strive to move forward on the spiritual path. This mala also features a beautiful carved Yellow Jade Ganesha as a pendant. 

Sri Ganesha is like a loving and wise elder brother, who's always there to give excellent advice and help you deal with the obstacles in your path. Though he has great mystic power, those who are able to tune into the special vibration of Sri Ganesha find that he can be very sweet, adorable and playful. Although this mala has 54 beads and can be used for mantra japa, you may prefer to wear it around the wrist as a sacred bracelet or simply carry it in your handbag or wallet. The gemstone beads will attract cosmic energy and transmit that energy into your body and aura. The 54 beads in the mala will purify and energize the energy centers in the subtle body, filling them with divine nectar and helping you to achieve a refined and elevated state.
Having the mala and chanting mantras during any sacred activity, like a puja, homa or meditation, will allow you to attract and retain the divine vibrations of that activity to a very high degree.Green Agate Japamala with Yellow Jade Ganesha Pendant will help you to gently release the fears that hold you back, and will help you to connect with your own inner source of joy and love. The more mantras and prayers you recite with this lovely Green Agate Japamala with Yellow Jade Ganesha Pendant, the more divine energy you will attract into your life for peace, love and divine abundance and prosperity.

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