Laddu Gopal – Brass

Laddu Gopal is a very popular deity according to the Hindu sanatana Dharma  and he is worshipped globally.  He is the infant form of Sri Krishna. He is often depicted as a cute, chubby baby with a flute in his hand and a peacock feather in his hair who loves sweets 
In Hindu mythology,L​addu Gopal is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu​. Laddu Gopal is ​loved by devotees who ​pray to seek his blessings for ​children. A small murthi of Laddu Gopal graces the Hindu altars, offering him sweets and other offerings as a symbol of their devotion.

According to A​ncient Vedas, Lord Krishna was born ​ in a prison to ​parents Devaki and Vasudeva​. However, fearing for his life, his parents sent him to Vrindavan to be raised by his foster parents, Nanda and Yashoda.​ It was in Vrindavan that Krishna spent his childhood and adolescence, performing miraculous feats and charming everyone with his mischievous antics.​Mother Yashoda was making laddus (sweets) when ​Sri Krishna, mischievous​lu grabbed a laddu and stuffed it in his mouth turning the cheeks all round and chubby when Mother yashoda saw him

This little episode gave S​ri Krishna the name Laddu Gopal, and ​since then he became associated with sweets and playfulness.​  ​In order to receive blessings in abundance it is ​important to ​offer your prayers with sincere devotion and dedication. ​Performing abhishekams with ganga jal, Tulsi leaves, sandalwood​/Chandan paste, a towel, and scented oil​ and decorate him with with c​traditional outfits and jewelry.​ Laddu Gopal​'s anecdote  is one of love, sweetness, and playfulness. He is a reminder that even the most powerful and revered deities can have a childlike innocence and joy. For millions g​lobally, Laddu Gopal is a source of comfort, inspiration, and hope.


Laddu Gopal comes with a dress and ornaments 

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