Rose quartz –– Sri Koorma (Blessed and energized)

Sanatana Dharma –– a practice which is supreme and eternal, governs all creation. The two most important principles being – all is Divine, and every action has a reaction which leads to reincarnations. 
A Guru/incarnation is the only supreme conduit of the universe’s energy for all earthly beings transmitting energies of the universe through self, These glowing energies flow through the Guru's Sahasra(crown) chakra and are released into the articles through various offerings such as abhishekams and archanas. The Divine flow of energies represent peace, wealth of health, happiness, wisdom, and knowledge​.

Worshipping the various items (Malas, Gemstone murtis, Brass items, silver items) blessed by our Beloved Amma, all the divine items become completely energized from the cosmic radiance of Amma. Once energized, they become pure and all the negativities accumulated are eliminated. They are worshipped as the Guru themselves as all the energy of the Guru is contained within them.
Having the energized item in the place of worship( home or office)is considered very auspicious and the highest form of worship of Shivashakti and bestows you with abundance of wealth of happiness and deepen your connection with the divine and elevate to the higher levels of consciousness.
NOTE : Gemstone colors may vary from the image shown

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