Sri Mahishasura Mardini Stotram – Telugu

It is about the beautiful imagery and sublime philosophical truths expressed in Sri Adi Sankaracharya's famous stotram. From the Foreword: "To listen to this great stotram is to be carried effortlessly along in a torrent of powerful sound energy towards the awe-inspiring presence of Divine Mother.... As we experience the powerful rhythm of the beautifully arranged Sanskrit words, we feel as if endless waves of blissful energy are washing over us, purifying our minds and hearts and drenching us in Mother’s radiant effulgence.

Having been propelled by those waves into an elevated state of mind, one begins to perceive a tiny drop of the overwhelming grandeur and glory of Mother’s vast cosmic form." From the Book: "The inconceivably vast cosmos, containing countless worlds with billions of sentient beings, is all part of Mother’s universal family. She is everywhere, and she pervades this universe in the subtlest of subtle forms—the one and only Atman. She manifests in the triple eternal forces of ichchha sakti, or noble thoughts and aspirations, jnana sakti, or eternal wisdom, and kriya sakti, or noble and dharmic action.

Mother is the one and only taste of eternal bliss, and she annihilates all forms of death. Mother wears a glorious crown emblazoned with the most beautiful precious gems, but her true crowning glory is the state of highest wisdom and knowledge which she possesses. She is the one who knows all, and she is also that which is to be known."

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