Vastu Yantra –– Copper

Vastu Yantra is a sacred geometric diagram used in Vastu Shastra to harmonize and balance the energy within a space. It's believed to bring positive energy, prosperity, and well-being to the inhabitants of a home or building by aligning the space with cosmic forces. The yantra acts as a tool to enhance the flow of positive energy and to counteract any negative influences in the environment. Its importance lies in its ability to create a conducive and harmonious atmosphere for living, working, and spiritual practices.

Vastu Yantra meditation involves focusing on the yantra while practicing deep breathing and visualization techniques. The meditation aims to attune oneself with the energy of the yantra, promoting balance, harmony, and positivity in the environment. During the meditation, one can visualize the yantra's geometric patterns and colors, while also directing positive intentions towards creating a harmonious living or working space. This practice is believed to enhance the flow of positive energy and promote overall well-being.

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