Learn Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotram

In this learning CD, Amma teaches the pronunciation of each word, and also chants the entire Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotram, so that listeners can easily follow along and learn. Sri Khadgamala Stotram is a highly sacred and powerful chant from Sri Vidya, the tradition of worshipping God in the form of Divine Mother. Each and every name within the stotram corresponds to a unique divine energy contained within the Sri Chakra, the sacred design which transmits the energy of the highest divine consciousness. Amma has said that chanting this stotram every day will definitely lead to enlightenment, and that the same peak experience gained from ten hours of meditation can be attained from this highly energetic stotram. The "namavalih" version, in which each name in the stotram is recited as a separate mantra, is also taught on this CD. Amma has said that performing puja with Sri Khadgamala Namavalih is equal to performing Sri Chakra Navavarana Puja, which can take up to nine hours in its complete form.

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