Amma's (TV) talks on Samputita Sri Suktam(Telugu)-12 vol. DVD set

Just having Amma's divine presence in your living room with this 12-vol. DVD set and listening to the glory of Maha Lakshmi Devi in Amma's divine voice is enough to receive Mahalakshmi Devi's grace and a life full of positivity, health, auspiciousness and wealth. Amma's(Gemini TV) talks in Telugu on Samputita Sri Suktam spans 59 episodes and is nectar to the ears. Every Friday morning around 6 AM, Amma's explanation of various scriptures in relation to the human spiritual journey can be enjoyed tuning in to the Gemini TV channel in India. This 12-volume DVD set is a compilation of such invaluable treasure, where Amma talks in-depth about every verse in Samputita Sri Suktam and the good fortune it bestows on the devotee who chants it. This DVD series is sure to bring good fortune and is undoubtedly a great treat to Telugu-speaking people.

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