Blessed Souls, Volume 1

Blessed Souls, Vol. 1 contains the edited transcripts of discourses given by Amma during the 1995 US Tour. The Blessed Souls series gives a wonderful introduction to Amma's teachings and provides an important foundation for understanding more advanced topics.   The topics in this volume include the sacred seed syllables of the Saraswati Mantra, cultivating a pure heart, keys for attaining supreme consciousness, the significance of the homa ceremony, the benefits of meditation, and more.   From the Book: "As you continue to practice meditation - say for a few weeks or a few months - you will feel the inner joy. And, as time passes, you will hear the sound of the Om Mantra - not only during meditation, but also constantly in your ordinary life. You may be eating your food, or working in the office, or doing any other work, but you will be able to hear Omkara continually in your ear. You must experience bliss in meditation! It is like a hidden treasure inside the depths of your heart. You must extract that treasure!"   "The first point regarding the Srim bijakshara is that the entire body will become charged with solar energy when we chant it. Our inner selves, our inner hearts will receive light as well as mental balance from the universe. As we continue chanting Srim, our eyes receive light. When we see anything, we will view it as divine light only....this bijakshara gives us compassion. As we chant and meditate on this syllable, others who approach us with a negative attitude will discover that their negativity is not at all appropriate. They will not at all speak a single harsh word to us when we chant this mantra."

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