Blessed Souls, Volume 2

Blessed Souls, Vol. 2 contains the edited transcripts of discourses given by Amma during the 1996 US Tour. The Blessed Souls series gives a wonderful introduction to Amma's teachings and provides an important foundation for understanding more advanced topics. Topics in this volume include the significance of mantra meditation and pranayama, how to conquer the mind with Divine Mother’s blessing, the divine nature of Sri Hanuman and Sita Devi, the nature of real samadhi, and more.   From the Book: "So let us not be bound within a small frame. Let us all expand to the cosmic level. Let us give our love and affection to all mankind. Just now we spoke of giving gifts. The greatest gift that you can give is forgiveness. Forgiveness and love are the greatest gifts, even though people commit mistakes toward you. However big their mistakes may be, you must be able to forgive them. Let God always elevat you to that highest level of forgiving all. You must become an embodiment of divine love. You have to become the embodiment of peace. You yourself must be a savior like God, and give peace to all mankind." "To achieve the state of liberation and immortality, we have to sacrifice. We have to sacrifice our anger, our lust, our hatred and all our bad qualities. When all these qualities are sacrificed, then the soul will be radiant and luminous in our hearts. But while these qualities are still present, they are like curtains which prevent the Atman from being seen clearly. This is called maya, avidya, or illusion."

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