Blessed Souls, Volume 3

Blessed Souls, Vol. 3 contains the edited transcripts of discourses given by Amma during the first half of the 1997 US Tour. The Blessed Souls series gives a wonderful introduction to Amma's teachings and provides an important foundation for understanding more advanced topics. Topics in this volume include how to cultivate inner purity, the oneness behind all true spirituality, the essence of dharma, the divine nature of Sri Rama, the immanence of Divine Mother, and much more. From this Book: "Saraswati is revealed in our behavior. Saraswati changes our behavior. Saraswati is not just sitting on a lotus and laying the vina--that is not Saraswati. Saraswati is in your life in the form of knowledge, in the form of humility, in the form of good behavior, good character, moral values and humanity. She beautifies us with all the divine attributes and gradually helps us attain the highest peak of attributelessness. That is Saraswati." "The triangles in the Sri Chakra are intertwined and it is difficult to distinguish them. However, there is a beautiful and distinct central triangle, and in it is a bindu or dot that is unattached to the central triangle. That is the bindu of bliss representing the bliss and peace in our lives. We all have that. Unfortunately, we have lost it, just as we lose milk when we put it in a vessel with holes. We do not have the required discipline, inner beauty and spirituality. We have God's grace in abundance in our life, but since we do not have the necessary discipline, all that grace is lost just like milk poured into a sieve. Only when we close all these holes--representing anger, infatuation, greed, and dishonesty--by keeping them under control, will we have success in our spiritual sadhana."

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