The Spiritual Significance of Malas and Murtis

This booklet based on Amma's teachings discusses the uses, care and benefits of wearing or practicing with several important spiritual items. These natural items offer us unique benefits as we travel the spiritual path--by increasing and guarding our energy, purifying our sins, or magnifying the energy of our practices. Specific items discussed include rudraksha, quartz crystal (sphatika), navaratna and tulasi malas, as well as sphatika Sri Chakra, Ganesha and Siva Linga murtis. Basic guidelines for performing japa and puja in the proper way are included. From this Book: "Wearing a rudraksha mala attracts divine grace to a sadhaka and removes the many hurdles encountered in the spiritual path. Rudraksha beads also have the power to destroy the effects of the most heinous crimes committed out of ignorance and delusion, and they help to purify the karma load." "A Sri Chakra made from sphatika is constantly attracting the most auspicous cosmic vibrations. These subtle cosmic rays are spontaneously transmitted to the person who touches, views or worships the sphatika Sri Chakra. Just as the sun casts its rays in all directions, the sphatika Sri Chakra will send these powerful cosmic rays out in all directions. This will purify and sanctify one's home tremendously."

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