Sri Gayatri: The Inner Secrets Revealed, Volume 1

This is the first of three volumes on the great Sri Gayatri Mantra, considered to be the essence of all the Vedas. This book contains Amma’s spiritual commentary on the first eight seed letters of this mantra. The many layers of meaning and significance for each letter are described by Amma in great detail. From this Book: "Gradually, you will understand that the whole universe is the radiance of Devi. You will realize that the entire world is an embodiment of your own Soul. When you rise to such an elevate state, you will never fall. You will always be in bliss--drenched in an ocean of ivine bliss! This alone is the fulfillment of spirituality. You will attain this state effortlessly by meditating on the Gayatri Mantra. Therefore, my dear children, may all of you lead a supremely pure, truthful and divine life!" "The 're' bijakshara in the Gayatri Mantra is most sacred. It removes the jealousy that has been following us from numerous births even without our knowledge. When we dispel jealousy and hatred from our heart, we automatically remove the selfishness within us. The heart then shines with the full radiance and glory of divine love. This seed syllable causes the 'revati granthi' to blossom and generates a beautiful feeling of divine love in the hearts of devotees."

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