Sri Suktam with Samputita Sri Suktam (Chanting Booklet)

This booklet contains the text of Sri Suktam, as well as a verse-by-verse spiritual commentary based on Amma’s teachings. Also included is an especially powerful form of the Sri Suktam, known as Samputita Sri Suktam. In the Samputita Sri Suktam, very powerful mantras from the Chandi Saptasati are incorporated into the Sri Suktam, which magnifies its auspicious energy.  In addition, a wonderful Lakshmi mantra is also added, which contains the auspicious seed syllables "Srim" and "Hrim." These seed syllables, or bijaksharas, are extremely powerful and shower the subtle nervous system with divine nectar. Amma recommends the chanting of Sri Suktam or Samputita Sri Suktam every day. According to the Vedas, we can overcome all karmic difficulties if we chant the Sri Suktam in front of a Sri Chakra every day. When the Samputita Sri Suktam is chanted in front of a Sri Chakra, the sacred vibrations of the sounds are attracted to the central point, or bindu, of the Sri Chakra. As the sound vibrations focus and become absorbed in the bindu, a tremendous cosmic energy emanates from the Sri Chakra and blesses the chanter as well as the entire household. It has been said that chanting the Samputita Sri Suktam in front of a Sri Chakra is equal to chanting all four Vedas ten million times.Two learning tapes/CDs are also available, entitled "Learn Sri Suktam" and "Learn Samputita Sri Suktam." From the Introduction: "The Sri Suktam is a beautiful Vedic hymn in honor of the Divine Mother Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi. Sri Karunamayi Amma has explained that the Sri Suktam is the essence of the Vedas, and that it contains all the important information about Divne Mother. The essential message of the Sri Suktam is that Mother's true form is the beautiful, cosmic golden light of divine consciousness that shines in the hearts of all creatures." From the Meaning of Verse Four: "My beloved Mother's supreme inner beauty and grace are indescribable. She is seated on a fully blossomed, thousand-petaled lotus, and rays of golden light are streaming from every pore of her body, which is the same delicate hue as tender lotus petals. Her face is adorned with a gentle smile, and her tender heart is overflowing with an ocean of motherly love. As soon as she sees her children enduring any deprivation, she instantly provides for their needs, for she considers the happiness of her children to be her own happiness."

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