Sri Karunamayi Bhajans

Sri Karunamayi Bhajans contains the lyrics and meanings of more than 150 songs from over twenty of Amma's CDs, including Devi Ma, Devi Sankari, Durge Durge Ma, and many more.   Sanskrit and Telugu lyrics are presented with diacritics, to aid in accurate pronunciation, and a pronunciation guide is included. Songs are organized by CD, and are also indexed by the first line of each bhajan.   From the Introduction: "Throughout history, devotees of many different faiths have discovered the unique bliss that can be experienced through devotional music and singing. In many traditions, devotional singing may be the main form of worship, in recognition of the tender intimacy we feel with the Divine when we sing with pure love and devotion.   Throughout time and all over the world, people have discovered that spiritual music has the power to motivate, to uplift, to inspire, and even to enlighten."   From the Meaning of "Atma Vina Mrogali" ( Devi Bhajans CD ):  "O Mother, may the vina of my soul play beautiful songs of devotion, love and universal truth, and may your heart overflow with joy at this child's heartfelt offering. Through my sincere meditation, may I become one with the eternal song of Omkara and merge in your divine consciousness.... Meditating on Sri Devi and chanting "So Ham" with every breath, her divine essence begins to vibrate in each and every heartbeat. The sacred mantra-flowers of Sri Vidya begin to bloom, as the full and luminous knowledge of the oneness of Siva and Sakti arises in each and every atom of my being."

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