Blessed Souls, Volume 4

Blessed Souls, Vol. 4 contains the edited transcripts of discourses given by Amma during the second half of the 1997 US Tour. The Blessed Souls series gives a wonderful introduction to Amma's teachings and provides an important foundation for understanding more advanced topics. Topics in this volume include the importance of mental renunciation, the loving tenderness of Divine Mother, how to reach Mother through meditation, and much more. From this Book: "Children, be compassionate like Jesus. All the great souls have tender hearts, very tender hearts. Be like Buddha in kindness--be all kindness. Be like Divine Mother Lalitambika with a pure and tender heart. Cultivate all these divine attributes--equal vision, inner beauty, and silence. Silence is the language of Mother Divine. Practice silence, meditate, and have true devotion." "Meditation is complete silence--so we cannot see the depths of devotion inside. A person who appears to be worldly on the outside might have a heart pure as crystal, and great inner beauty. When the heart is like a crystal, Divinity reflects there. so when all the clouds of selfishness and ignorance are gone from our heart, we have so much wisdom and liberation from all of the limited, immoral tendencies. We enjoy the purity inside. The sweetness of silence, inner beauty, equal vision, purify, true devotion, a balanced mind, forgiveness, detachment--all of these divine attributes bloom like fragrant flowers in our heart. So offer all these fragrant flowers to the Divine, children."

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