Sri Gayatri: The Inner Secrets Revealed, Volume 2

This is the second of three volumes on the great Sri Gayatri Mantra, considered to be the essence of all the Vedas. This book contains Amma’s spiritual commentary on the second set of eight seed letters of this mantra. The many layers of meaning and significance for each letter are described by Amma in great detail. From this Book: "The eleventh syllable 'de' in the Gayatri Mantra is Sri Durga Devi Gayatri Mantra. This bija mantra destroys the mind. This means that it leads you to the thought-free state, beyond both good and bad thoughts, and inculcates dama, self-restraint. It dispels all thoughts, which are enemies born of the mind, and removes all obstacles. This Durga seed mantra has the power to nullify the effects of the ill-intentioned acts of wicked people. The 'de' seed mantra bestows boundless power and abilities on those who worship Durga Devi with devotion." "The peacock builds its nest in safe and inaccessible places. It thinks that no one else can build a nest at such a high altitude. Similarly, the peacock of man's mind wants to build a beautiful nest of his dreams, desires and ambitions, setting impossible goals for himself. He pursues these goals tirelessly throughout life, using all his effort and energy. In the end he feels tired and exhausted, but his desires still keep dancing in his mind, like the weak movements of an old peacock. When you meditate on Sri Gayatri Mantra, all the bonds of useless worldly desires will be cut asunder and Mother will bless you with brahmananda sukham, supreme bliss."

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