Om Hrim Namah Sivaya (Meditation Style)

Amma chants Sri Siva Sakti Panchakshara Mantra in a style suitable for meditation. In the meditation style, Amma is accompanied only by the "sruti," the soothing sound of the tanpura. This mantra consists of the famous Siva mantra "Om Namah Sivaya," combined with the powerful Devi syllable "Hrim." When both elements are combined together, the resulting mantra becomes very powerful, as it unites the energies of the Divine Father and Divine Mother. This mantra is especially beneficial for fostering harmony between husbands and wives. The vibrations of this mantra invoke the united energies of Siva and Sakti, the divine couple existing eternally in the mutual bliss of oneness. One can meditate with this mantra, repeat it as japa, or simply listen to the CD to absorb its blissful vibrations.

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