Blessed Souls, Volume 5

Blessed Souls, Vol. 5 contains the edited transcripts of discourses given by Amma during the 1997 US Tour. The Blessed Souls series gives a wonderful introduction to Amma's teachings and provides an important foundation for understanding more advanced topics. Topics include the value of silence, the Sri Chakra within the body, the importance of inner values, the need to have dharma, or righteousness, in our lives, and much more. From this Book: "All the thousand names of Sri Lalita Sahasranama are about oneness with Mother, like a river merging in the ocean. It is beautiful, children. Oneness, oneness, oneness! You and your Mother are one! There is no duality, no secondness at all--Mother is only oneness. Mother is pure--She is pure consciousness. Mother is attributeless; Mother is indestructible power; Mother is infinite; Mother is Om; Mother is benediction--Mother is everywhere! Mother is in you--Mother is in your Self only." "There are so many problems, so much stress and pain in the world. Do not use your hand to wipe only your own tears, do not use it only for worship. Use your hand to remove the tears and pain of mankind. That is real worship, great worship! Remove everyone's suffering by sharing their feelings--that is great! It is your responsibility to remove the pain from this world. The world has given you so much, but you have given nothing in return. Try to give something to the world, okay? First reduce the egoistic self, burn the little self, and then give your selfless service to all mankind--that is your Amma's only wish."

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