Sri Gayatri: The Inner Secrets Revealed, Volume 3

This is the third of three volumes on the great Sri Gayatri Mantra, considered to be the essence of all the Vedas. This book contains Amma’s spiritual commentary on the third set of eight seed letters of this mantra. The many layers of meaning and significance for each letter are described by Amma in great detail. From this Book: "Sri Gayatri Mantra dhyana fills you with so much strength that you can face all kinds of hardships with utmost patience. Even when the worst tragedies befall you, meditation on the sacred Gayatri Mantra enables you to stay calm and peaceful. At times some people might misunderstand and reject you. Give such people only your vatsalya and prema, affection and love. Pray to God from the bottom of your heart that everyone who comes in contact with you should always live in happiness. Let your heart constantly overflow with daya tarangas, waves of compassion." "Sri Tulasi Devi is the presiding deity of seva sakti, and she gives the seeker the energy to perform acts of social service. She has the power to motivate people to do sat karmas, good actions. It is the Tulasi bijakshara in the Sri Gayatri Maha Mantra that inspires the devotee to render service to all beings. Repetition of this sacred bija mantra fills one with Atma shanti, inner peace, and enables one to remove the sorrow of others."

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