Sri Vidya: Divine Radiance Within

Sri Vidya contains the discourses given by Amma during a six-day meditation retreat in her Penusila Ashram. During this retreat, Amma focused on various topics significant in the ancient tradition of Sri Vidya, the art and science of merging in the eternal radiance of Divine Mother's supreme consciousness. From this Book: "The literal meaning of the name Khadgamala is "sword" plus "garland." Khadga is kanti, radiance, effulgence. Mala is curves, strands, waves of that effulgence. When we put these two words together, what do we get? The names of the energies in the Sri Chakra. They are like waves and curves around the Sri Yantra....The names in the Khadgamala Stotram extolling the supreme Goddess are not ordinary names. They are powerful mantras--they are kanti chaitanya rupa, effulgent embodiments of divine awareness....The Khadgamala is a beautiful garland of names extolling the one supreme light!" "The fourth and most important action of this divine Sikha Devi chakra is that it helps the kundalini to ascend from chakra to chakra. There are many interconnections among the innumerable chakras in our body, and many hidden yogic secrets in Sri Vidya. Powerful bijakshara mantras are given to Sri Vidya practitioners so that they can enhance the chakras by concentrating on the sacred seed letters....When the kundalini reaches the ajna chakra with the help of the Sikha Devi chakra, the aspirant is completely absorbed in deep meditation and sees everything as universal light!"

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