Nectar of Jnana

Nectar of Jnana contains the edited transcripts of discourses given by Amma during 2002 in her special "Jnana," or "Wisdom" classes. During these special classes, Amma spoke on the essence of Chandogya Upanishad, the true message of the Vedic rishis, how spiritual practice results in divine love and harmony, the basis of eternal happiness, and much more. From this Book: "The rishis gained their knowledge of the whole universe--the secret of all that happens in the mysterious, deep space and about the stars and planets--through their meditation. They saw all these things with their inner vision, with the third eye. They gave us all their wonderful knowledge in the various sections of the Vedas. Even today, if we meditate, our hearts will be filled with that same divine effulgence, and we will radiate light. A person who radiates such divine energy can also see the whole universe as the rishis saw it." "Amma's most beloved children, the Vedas declare very clearly that external change is wonderful, but if we really want eternal happiness, we need inner change. The transformation inside is very important. So what can we do to attain everlasting bliss? The Vedas gave us the answer that the path to eternal happiness is meditation. Who teaches meditation? Lord Siva teaches meditation. And who is Lord Siva? Lord Siva is the all-auspicious, all-pervasive, omniscient and omnipotent supreme consciousness--he is oneness! He is the one who teaches meditation to the world. It was Lord Siva who, in ages long agi, taught meditation to the holy rishis of eternal India."

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