Practical Vastu: A Simple and In-Depth Look at the Life-Enhancing Science of Vastu – Bob Mataloni

The word "Vastu" literally means "dwelling." Derived from ancient Vedic knowledge, Vastu is the science of placing, constructing and organizing buildings so that they are in perfect harmony with the cosmic and magnetic energies that are constantly interacting with each other on the surface of our planet. In this comprehensive book,

Bob Mataloni explains how living in a Vastu correct environment empowers each one of us to attract positive and life-supporting energies into our daily life. These forces have a profound effect on our health, wealth, motivation and relationships. They influence our attitudes and actions as well as how we interpret and view the world we live in.

Anyone who enters a Vastu balanced home or workplace will instantly be aware of the friendly and positive vibrations. The atmosphere is always comfortable and inviting, and the environment projects a tranquil and positive attude that relaxes the body and nourishes the soul.

This book uses a simple and logical format to bring the unique benefits of this ancient science into the modern world. Its goal is to help humanity reap the natural benefits of health, wealth and prosperity every human being deserves in order to live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

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