Samputita Sri Suktam For the Benevolence of Mother Sri Mahalakshmi

A compilation of Amma's TV talks, this divine commentary on  Samputita Sri Suktam is a rare gem that is sure to bestow auspiciousness and the blessings of Sri Mahalakshmi on the reader. Just possessing this hard-cover book with its beautiful colorful Ashtalakshmi photos itself opens the floodgates for Mother's grace to flow unto the devotee for good health, all kinds of wealth, peace and prosperity. Amma explains in detail in 59 TV episodes, the power of the unique combination of seed letters of Sri Mahalakshmi mantra, Sri Durga mantra and Sri Suktam and how chanting the Samputita Sri Suktam changes the devotee's life, body and mind  positively.                                           

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