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Lighting a lamp/diya denotes dispelling away darkness. In Hindu Sanatana Dharma, a ghee lamp/diya is lit and placed in front of the god,the belief is that we will be richly rewarded with tremendous prosperity.

It is said that Goddess Rajarajeshwari resides in the lamp – mother represents the Trishakti of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi.Light symbolizes knowledge, and darkness, ignorance.

 The Lord is the "Knowledge Principle" (Chaitanya) who is the source, the enlivener and the illuminator of all knowledge. Hence light is worshiped as the Lord himself.Knowledge removes ignorance just as light removes darkness. Also knowledge is a lasting inner wealth by which all outer achievement can be accomplished. Hence we light the lamp to bow down to knowledge as the greatest of all forms of wealth.

The  ghee in the lamp symbolizes our vaasanas or negative tendencies and the wick, the ego. When lit by spiritual knowledge, the vaasanas get slowly exhausted and the ego too finally perishes. The flame of a lamp always burns upwards. Similarly we should acquire such knowledge as to take us towards higher ideals.

Agni Puran clearly states that only Ghee (clarified butter) be used in the lamp meant for puja and no other combustible substance. According to the Science of spirituality the lamp with clarified butter is more sattvik (spiritually pure). Ghee lamps have high capacity to attract the sattvik vibrations present in the surrounding atmosphere.

Diyas have a symbolic significance. The lighting of a diya represents the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance. And so it spreads positivity wherever it is lit. Diyas  bring prosperity and success into our lives.Lamps/diyas create an atmosphere of peace and security, which is exactly what a home should be. 

Significant occasions are often marked with the lighting of a diya or a lamp. This is to bless new beginnings and celebrate happy moments.Lighting a lamp/diya at your workplace is helpful in spreading positive energy as it symbolizes wisdom and prosperity.

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