Eka Haarathi – Brass

Traditional Eka haarathi made of Brass is a simple flat stand used at home during auspicious pooja ceremonies. This is an ancient practice of offering the camphor to the Divine Supreme Almighty at the end of a ritual  This Eka Harathi stand is fully made up of brass and has an artistically carved handle with abundant space for the lighting up camphor. This aarti stand can be used  every day to offer aarti at home or temple.

The Purpose of offering AArathi with camphor or lighted ghee wicks before the Divine is showing gratitude and Appreciation, wherein you become merged in God representing the panchabhuta of  Space (akash) ,Wind (vayu), Fire (agni) ,Water (jal) ,Earth (prithvi). The entire camphor stand is thick in design and will not conduct the heat to your hand during your pooja. 

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