Homa Kunda (Medium) – Copper

Homa is a highly revered fire ritual. It is also known as homa or havan or yajna (yagya). The purpose of the homa is to invoke the Supreme divine into the fire following procedures. Sacred Homa ingredients are offered into the homa kunda while chanting Vedic mantras. Homa is very powerful  for spiritual growth and enlightenment.To perform a Homa, the most basic need is a Homa Kunda. Homa Kunda can be  a copper or Brass container with preferably a square-shaped base.This practice has been extolled in Yajurveda and Bhagavad Gita.

The structure of the Homa Kunda itself generates energy to perform the rituals. Made according to the  authentic Vedic science in copper, this Homa Kunda can be used to perform Homas in homes, temples, and at all religious ceremonies

Homa is a Vedic ritual followed by the Rishis and other Enlightened Masters to create a specific desired effect in our lives. The way in which the desired effect is made and the strength of the effect makes Homa a unique component of Vedic tradition. In a typical Homa, a priest invokes the presence of the Deity in the fire through specialized mantras. Since mantras are revealed by Enlightened sages, all mantras carry immense power within them. Once energized, till the end of the homa, the fire itself becomes a deity. Then several oblations (ahutis) are offered into the fire using Havan Samagri, at the end of every mantra. The smoke that emanates from the fire receptacle – homa kunda – energizes the whole space where the homa is done and creates a positive effect in that place. Copper is well known for its grasping capacity. It grasps the divine energies, when compared to other metals. Copper can help negate the Rajasik and tamasik energies. The sacred and divine vibrations are attracted towards copper easily. Just as copper has the ability to absorb the positive energies of higher consciousness, it also has the capacity of transmitting them. Thus it becomes rich in divinity in a short period.

Note: Only Copper Kunda, spoons not included

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