Mercury – Parad – Shivalinga – Small

According to Vedas, there are  many benefits of worshipping Lord Shiva in the form of a Shivlinga, and moreover having a Parad Shivalinga at home brings good fortune, good health, and spiritual well-being. This form of  Shivalinga is very auspicious. Parad Shivalinga bestows one with abundance of power and strength.It is a revered gift and a supreme blessing bestowed on humans .

Sincere efforts and dedication can definitely lead  to success but having a Parad Shivaling in its majestic magnificence is a gift given to one based on the merits accrued from many lifetimes.It is Believed that a Parad Shivalinga is a invaluable and highest treasure and just merely a glance at it removes many past life negative energies and elevates you to highest strength.


Please Note: Since all murthis are handcrafted in India, each item is unique and may vary slightly from the picture shown. Dimensions are approximate


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