Mercury – Parad – Sri Ganesha – Small

Lord Ganesha is the most revered and beloved deity in the Hindu Sanatana Dharma. Being the Remover of Obstacles and the God of new Beginnings, Lord Ganesha is worshipped around the globe. Since ancient times craftsmen have strived to portray the auspicious form of Sri Ganesha in various mediums, but one of the most adored, loved, worshipped and divine forms is the Parad Lord Ganesha statue. Lord Ganesha, with an elephant's head on a human body, riding a mouse, the son of  Shiva Shakti is revered for good luck, prosperity, and success. He is depicted . Sri Ganesha embodies wisdom, intellect and knowledge

The Parad Lord Ganesha statue is of great significance in Hindu Sanatana Dharma. The  sacred Parad divine form of Lord Ganesha enhances the positive vibrations and energies emitted from the murthi. Devotees believe that worshiping this unique form will bring about many benefits

Please Note: Since all murthis are handcrafted in India, each item is unique and may vary slightly from the picture shown. Dimensions (approximate):


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