Navagraha Cloth

Navagraha Cloths is a Set of nine different colored cloths is for dressing up the nine deities – the sun (Surya – Sunday), moon (Chandra – Monday), Mars (Mangala – Tuesday), Mercury (Budha – Wednesday), Jupiter (Brihaspati – Thursday), Venus (Shukra – Friday), Saturn (Shani – Saturday), Rahu (north node of the moon), and Ketu (south node of the moon). There is a unique color specific to the deity. They are – two of yellow, two of red, one white, one off–white, green, blue, black.  These Navagraha cloths can be offered to the priest to be performed on your behalf and often used to decorate 9 Kalashas during a  Navagraha homa

Regardless of the main deity of the temple, all the temples have a small temple dedicated to the Navagrahas. The size of the Navagraha Cloth Set depends upon the Deity sizes. 

NOTE: Navagraha Poojas and Homas will always have to be performed in the Temples by a dedicated priest on your behalf and never at home.



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