Ruby Ganesha -- Small To Med 1

Whether worshipped or simply kept in your home, a ruby Ganesha will create a transformative atmosphere of truth, purity and selflessness. In such an atmosphere, diseases are healed, relationships become harmonious, and you gain an unbreakable connection with truth, dharma and absolute purity.

Ruby is a beautiful and sacred gemstone that cleanses, heals, and to foster clear and truthful communication, absolute purity of intention, and a most beautiful selflessness in all that you do. Ganesha always embodies the eternal and loving unity of the masculine and feminine principles that pervade the universe.  Ganesha is reminiscent of the human aura, and therefore it resonates strongly with our own energy body.

Worshipping Ganesha, we draw down cosmic energy into ourselves for healing, purification, and expansion of divine consciousness. Through the sacred science of puja, the same offerings that we pour over Ganesha's "head" are poured over our own heads in subtle form. This cosmic nectar is absorbed through the crown chakra and then spreads throughout the subtle body, bringing peace, healing and spiritual upliftment. Ganesha will help to reveal your authentic spiritual self and will give your words the quiet power of truth that will win you the respect of others. 

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