Vedic Mantras for Peace, Healing and Spiritual Illumination

This booklet describes the many benefits of reciting the very powerful Sri Saraswati and Sri Mrutyunjaya Mantras. Also included are tips on pronunciation as well as guidelines for using the mantras. Sri Mrutyunjaya Mantra is used for healing of physical, mental and spiritual illnesses, and Sri Saraswati Mantra is mainly for inner purity and attaining the highest Divine Consciousness.

Amma recommends that everyone recite these mantras every day. This booklet was previously called "The Greatness of Sri Saraswati and Sri Mrutyunjaya Mantras." From this Book: "When we repeat the Saraswati Mantra mentally, without movement of the lips, this will create very gentle vibrations in the delicate subtle nerves in the brain. These vibrations will release the jadatwa, or lethargy, of the nerves and will activate the 108 main centers, or jnana kendras, of the brain. When these kendras are purified and enlivened by the mental japa of Saraswati Mantra, our brains will be prepared for the descent of very subtle and profound spiritual knowledge."

When Mrutyunjaya Mantra is chanted according to the proper rhythm and melody, the subtle energy generated flows through all the energy centers in a soothing, rejuvenating fashion. If one has lost energy from one's chakras or energy field for any reason, the vibrations from this mantra will restore one's energy completely with hte infinite, eternal energy of God. This vibrational energy is the eternal, infinite life-force that cannot be destroyed or depleted. It is the supreme healing power of God."

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