Veni – White Jasmine

​Veni also known as gajra is a floral garland, can be made of many different materials. It can be fresh jasmine flowers, ​different paper or foam cut flowers, and this can be used as a small firm garland to put around the deities in the altar of your homes.  It symbolizes beauty, grace, and purity, and is often used during a​ll festive occasions. ​In Hindu Sanatana Dharma. the ​veni/ gajra holds​ a very deep significance, dating back to ancient times.​ It can also be used to decorate a "kalasam "–– It is the symbolic representation of the God/Goddess to whom pujas are offered and which is believed to absorb cosmic energies and preserve it during all special occasions and any Vedic rituals. 

Veni made of foam is long lasting and is available in different colors. It is 1 Feet long and adds value to the Altar decor

Collections: Homa Items, Puja Items

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